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We at Association of Translators have been providing translation and interpreting services since February 2002. Our regular customers include both large local companies and individuals.

Our in-house and freelance translators and interpreters are highly-qualified and have many years of experience; most of them are leading teachers of the specialised language departments of the local universities.  When required, the projects are checked and proofread by native speakers or experts specialising in the required subject area. Our translators' database is being extended on a regular basis, as is the number of languages covered.

At present, we are able to offer linguistic support for the following languages:

  •   Azerbaijani
  •   Armenian
  •   Czech
  •   Georgian
  •   Jewish
  •   Kazakh
  •   Latvian
  •   Lithuanian
  •   Moldavian
  •   Mongolian
  •   Slovenian
  •   Tajik
  •   Turkmen
  •   English
  •   Arabic
  •   Armenian
  •   Belorussian
  •   Spanish
  •   Italian
  •   Chinese
  •   Korean
  •   German
  •   Polish
  •   Turkish
  •   Ukrainian
  •   French
  •   Japanese
  •   Hindi
  •   Uzbek
  •   Kirghiz
  •   Romanian