What influences the price?

  • The target language.
  • Direction of the translation (from/into a foreign language).
  • Text complexity, including terminological complexity, which is determined at the time of order and may be changed in the course of translation.
  • Urgency of translation.
  • Does your translation require additional editing and proofreading? The translation may be checked and corrected by an expert in the given subject area in order to avoid terminological inaccuracies in the target text.
  • Does your translation require graphic formatting? Page-making, tables, scanning of various graphical elements, like charts, formulae, etc.
  • Illegible handwriting of the source text may add 35-50% to the price.
  • When the source text is in a foreign language, its category rate may be changed in the course of translation.
  • The price of an international standard CV shall be determined in accordance with our category rating chart, with the complexity factor of 2.